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This book has one of the best tables of contents I've read in quite awhile. I love how you can see the outlines of British imperialism starting to emerge as you get further into it -- at first it looks like it's organized in this very methodical way with the opening sections on "Fire" and "Water," but then you notice that there are whole sub-sections with instructions for "Secreting Jewels," "Poacher's Work" and "How to dispose of Guns at Night."

As an aside, my all time favorite table of contents from a travelogue is Sven Hedin's My Life as an Explorer which features gems like Chapter 24, "I Discover 2000-Year-Old Cities in the Desert," Chapter 61, "I Become a Shepherd," which is followed up by Chapter 62, "A Tibetan Captive Again."

Anyway, thanks for posting, this seems like an interesting read.

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