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What makes you think appletv will ever support Amazon video?

The iOS app definitely needs chrome cast support.

Given that, e.g. amazon stopped selling Chromecast, I don't have high hopes for interoperability here.

Why do this to your customers. It means Amazon video money is wasted unless I own a fire stick--and who the hell owns a fire stick? The only reason to buy it is Amazon video!

No, it is possible to get amazon video over chromecast. It's a bit hacky, but it works.

Recent move towards subscriptions and Apple's sign to give up on some revenue. What is it now, 15% after the first year? Could't that be viable for something like Prime video?

i didnt mean that

i think for now every of the big players will create their own apps/boxes - i imagine "prime TV"

at some point the fragmentation will annoy customers so much that they will find ways to combine - but that's in 5-10 years

Might never happen.

Chromecast is so cheap that its probably putting downwards price pressure on the devices themselves. And I don't personally have any issue flicking between all of my various "set top" boxes: chromecast, WD Live, Apple TV, old school dvd player, Tivo. After all, what issues does this fragmentation cause, apart from a bit of a mess of HDMI cables, and a shortage of HDMI ports on the TV?

It's just a different type of DRM lockin. It's absurd the store from which we buy content can dictate how and where we consume it.

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