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Hi mtanski,

How did you replace docker with rkt? Do you have an howto that you can share?

I haven't replaced Docker with rkt on a big scale (or ran Docker on a big scale), but I recently changed over some Docker containers to rkt.

First off, this and the rest of the rkt docs is a good starting point https://coreos.com/rkt/docs/latest/rkt-vs-other-projects.htm...

Second, rkt runs Docker images without modifications, so you can swap over really easily https://coreos.com/rkt/docs/latest/running-docker-images.htm...

rkt uses acbuild (which is part of the application container specification, see https://github.com/appc/spec) to build images, and I had a very tiny Docker image just running a single Go process.

I just created a shell script that ran the required acbuild commands to get as similar image.

A good place to get started is the getting started guide https://coreos.com/rkt/docs/latest/getting-started-guide.htm...

Docker runs as a daemon, and rkt doesn't (which is one of the benefits). I just start my rkt container using systemd, so I have a systemd file with 'ExecStart=/usr/bin/rkt run myimage:1.23.4', but you can start the containers with whatever you want.

It's also possible to use rkt with Kubernetes, but I have not tried that yet. http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/rkt/

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