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There are quite a few book recommenders based on HN data. This recent one came to mind:

Top 30 books ranked by total number of links to Amazon in Hacker News comments http://ramiro.org/vis/hn-most-linked-books/

I am surprised that someone doesn't solve this problem once and for all by allowing decent search parameters (e.g., all time, last month, by karma, by genre, etc.).

This latest submission weights by karma and bins the results weekly. Those restrictions make it personally unappealing but it is a great first step. I wouldn't have thought to consider karma.

Edit: clarity

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but https://hn.algolia.com/ is pretty much the default (unofficial) search and personalized sorting site for HN. Super fast and works well in my experience.

From my understanding and my own desires, I think the previous comment is looking for a site that will offer a list of book links on HN with parameters to filter/sort the books. That way you can find "most mentioned books in the last year" or "highest karma book links for the last month".

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