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Playing with the site search, I thought the site was broken because it did not return results for a book that I know I mentioned. That is, until I read this comment.

I will often mention books without posting an Amazon/etc. link figuring that anyone interested can bing with Duck Duck Google to find it. Other times, I will link to the author/publisher page.

Anyway, there's a natural language processing cum machine learning project in their somewhere. One interesting possibility it would open up is surfacing books in electronic form that pass across Hacker News as links to PDF's, eBooks, and HTML.

Good luck.

Yes, I think my tendency to always provide links has skewed the lists.

At least 12 of the books in the top 100 for 2015 are from my posts.

Hmm...my tendencies to use my local public library and buy books used might be why I don't often link to Amazon.

Maybe that's why I didn't immediately recognize any of the books on the list as being mentioned regularly on Hacker News. There were some (but not many) that I recognized, but I don't remember them being mentioned.

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