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[cockroach labs engineer here] Where are you getting the "ignoring stability" part? Or that we "skipped correctness and stability" (in another comment of yours)?

Correctness and robustness are the main factors behind the design and implementation choices we make. A significant part of the overall engineering effort has been on stability for a long time. We're now making it closer to 90% for a while.

None of this is unexpected in the development of a complex system, especially when there are many factors involved in deciding how much to focus on various aspects. I have worked on a few unrelated systems which turned out to be stable and successful when released and - at a comparable stage in their development - they were much less stable. So personally, I am very optimistic about CockroachDB.

It's implied in the article. It mentions many mounting problems in stability, including nobody was dedicated to working on it. Implies a lack of QA. I based my claims on the article's. If those claims were mistated, then any of mine drawing on them wont apply of course.

Just reads like a lack of QA in general with most correctness effort focused on protocol design itself.

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