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This is true. It's quite hard. Oracle started in a day and age before we had many good or popular tools to make robust software. They also cared more about profit than robustness. Hard to see that their case proves anything. Whereas, the OpenVMS's records and clusters were very stable by adding features for a week, testing on weekends, fixing problems for a week, and repeating that. Uptime of 17+ years with a few being more common. This is aiming at a milestone of... 2 weeks?

It's certainly hard. There are worked examples of getting the job done, though. All it took was focus and effort on QA. I believe the distributed nature will cause more difficulties than the older systems. Yet, same remedy. Even more so given its so much easier to fail.

"I like the transparency and commitment from the team"

I liked that a lot as I saw in post and HN comments. It gave me the impression of a database being designed for correctness, speed, scale, consistency, and reliability. Then, this post says a few got dropped a while back. That's a lack of transparency and commitment on a key issue. Or a resurgence of it. Hope that problem goes away.

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