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> It doesn't support Windows modern

That's a good thing.

> or Mac OS X

"Does Winforms run on OSX?

Yes, as of Mono 1.9, Winforms has a native OSX driver that it uses by default"


> it looks completely out of place on Linux

On KDE3? KDE4? KDE Plasma? Gnome2? Gnome3? MATE? Cinnamon? LXDE? LXQt? Xfce? CDE? GnuStep? Unity? Enlightenment? Non-DE X Window System environment - with which Window Manager, with which theme?

Going by the documentation you linked yourself:

> In terms of integrating visually with the desktop, we currently ship with a classic Win32 theme.

That sticks out like a sore thumb everywhere, including every Win32 release since Windows 2000.

The standard Win32 theme is the classic, an engineering marvel. Everything else that came after that - starting with the infamous native Windows XP theme - was and is a horrible mess.

I'm pretty sure that it looks out of place in all of the Deskktop environments that you have mentioned.

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