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It is and it isn't. VB.Net is basically everything from C# with an syntax heavily inspired by VB6. But the similarity ends there. The RAD IDE of VB6 or Delphi are unmatched, and the compatibility is gone. As WinForms is legacy as well, the whole experience is different anyway. People would like to run their Win32 apps on their smartphone, nowadays you have more luck with Android than what Redmond comes up.

> People would like to run their Win32 apps on their smartphone

And they did actually. Windows Mobile - the original Windows Mobile, 2000-2012 - had 42% smartphone market share in 2007, a native Win32 API (and .Net Compact Framework for C# and VB.Net too), had WinCE kernel and worked on x86, MIPS, ARM and SuperH CPUs.

I loved WinCE/WinMobile back then, except for RAM as document storage - only WinMobile 2005 or so and later supported Flash-storage as well. Though, it supported yet another Win32API implementation with less functions and you had to recompile your code for the target (another reason was: mobile had ARM based CPUs).

All what people like me want is NT kernel, Win classic UI, WinAPI with transparent JIT of x86 exe applications on a mobile device (like WinNT on Mips or DECAlpha or OSX Rosetta). And no nonsense like the metro crap from Win8/10.

Add to it resistive screen with stylus - because it provides much more information density instead of gigantic interface elements catered to fingers-driven UI, with no luck however - fingers are closing half of the screen, unlike a thin stylus - hardware qwerty keyboard and a small optical trackpad, which moves a cursor on the screen or works like two-dimensional Tab button cycling focus between UI elements, depending on mode. Removable battery, and multi-color programmable RGB LED would be nice to have too.

I loved it until the 'trendy' movement toward fingers-driven UI started, around version 6.0.

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