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CSharp once again showing it is the best language in terms of features and improvements. Great job all round by the designers.

I'd say Swift is more or less in line with C# with regards to functionality. Many new features added to C# seem to already exist in Swift. Swift could use some async/await mechanism en sometimes it's a bit annoying to typecast simple types for calculations, but otherwise Swift is a really sweet language to work with.

Nonetheless C# is a nice language. I enjoy writing C# code, just as I enjoy writing Swift code.

Swift is my daily driver for a year and some, I love the language and I'm having much fun working in it, it have some great ideas (nullability, emphasis on value types, protocol extensions), but calling it "more or less in line with C#" is still a bit of stretch.

(For starters, Swift desperately needs to include most of the points from "Generic Manifesto" to be comparable with more mature languages like C#. Not being able to return a generic interface from a function is just silly)

I'd disagree with you to be honest. Swift is still in it's infancy, and while it copied many of it's features from CSharp, it did so poorly and even now they continue to make breaking changes to their standard with each update.

Yes I have noticed this. It is interesting observing the changes to Obj-C just to keep up with the developments in Swift-land, when Swift itself is changing so frequently.

> CSharp once again showing it is the best language in terms of features and improvements.

That's a pretty sweeping generalization. Most of the headline features in the article are already in other languages e.g. Scala.

The difference being CSharp is actually used by a large number of people. Scala is not even in the top 10 used languages [0].

[0] http://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/

Your comment was about C# being "the best language in terms of features and improvements", nothing about usage numbers.

I agree that C# is far more widely used than Scala, but Scala is being used by significant numbers of developers esp. for Spark. Tiobe is also widely regarded as a pretty poor indicator of language adoption.

Scala is consistently #15 or #16 in various measurements. Just not in TIOBE as they decided to use the wrong search terms to look for, so TIOBE doesn't provide useful information in this case.

C# > C++?

I was hoping for deterministic lifetimes in this release.... just kidding. Must be me being used to C++'s RAII and useful destructors.

I believe your comment is a huge generalisation.

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