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Wow, lot's of great stuff! I especially like local functions, I'm all for breaking up complicated methods into several methods to simplify and clarify syntax... but it always felt weird that all those methods where on an class scope even though they only were relevant for that method.

This resulted in many cases that those methods needed to be broken out into their own class... which is the way to go some times but felt like a bit of overkill in others

I mostly agree, but until now I just created private helper methods and went on with my life. If there are many of them, I put them into a #region. There are alot of cases where such helpers can be used from two separate locations and they also increase discoverability for other devs.

If you really wanted to, wasn't it already possible to create anonymous delegates/lambdas locally? The only improvement I see with local named methods are readable stacktraces.I have to admit, the mangled names are a major headache for me (and the stacktraces starting at lamda invocations, missing the 'original' stacktrace. I'm looking at you Parallel.Foreach!)

I would have thought use of a Func<> or a lambda would have been appropriate instead of a local function?

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