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> Considering that it's impossible to write such proofs in OCaml or Haskell, it seems strange to complain that they're hard to write in a dependently typed language.

My sole point is that when I see articles on here about dependently typed languages, the issue of how the proofs are generated and the challenges involved in doing this is overlooked almost every time. I think it's important these challenges are highlighted so people don't think dependent types are a magic wand that gives you safety with little effort.

The article was talking about the differences in power between different type systems. It's not even primarily focused on dependent types, let alone advocating for using them or claiming that they're easy. In fact it notes that the more advanced type systems "make the language more complex." If the article were suggesting everyone should use dependent types, or that they were easy, then your admonishments about dependent type systems would make sense here, but as it is I'm not sure.

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