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The One Second Dash (ridiculousfish.com)
135 points by dmit on Aug 25, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

This reminds me of when I couldn't be bothered writing a bluetooth stack, so just used the broadcast device name to hold the data itself.

Your comment reminds of me the time my friend wanted to build something with a half-duplex radio, and rather than figure out how to get the crappy Arduino library to switch from receive to transmit, they wrote the message & a flag to the EEPROM, overflowed the watchdog timer, and (upon reading the flag after reset) brought the radio up in transmit mode.

So many of my projects start off with "what's the simplest thing that could possibly work." (Most of them stay there.)

In this day and age of flat design and bootstrap look-and-feel based blog systems and websites, it's nice to see a blog with visual character. I love the design, it harks back to when people were proud to have a small place on the web that was theirs in that they made an effort to personalise it.

The personal spaces on the web now are starting to look bland, like corporate intranets (I blame Medium and it's minimalist look for this).

I understand the sentiment but for this blog in particular, I think the content excuses the layout.

What about the fish's excuse?

Since when is fish back?

I have been using fish as my primary shell for a while and it is pretty good. The development pace is pretty good, happens on Github, bugs are fixed pretty quickly and PRs merged in ASAP. I do recommend having a POSIX compliant shell installed alongside for when it is needed. The interactive shell experience with fish is amazing though.

I meant, "since when does ridiculousfish post anything?"

Same. Easy enough to drop into a bash shell when necessary, but the vast majority of my time is in fish.

Only 110 lines of code to convert the Dash button to a doorbell. Pretty cool IMHO.

This is a clever approach. Reminds me how important it is to know as much as possible about the full stack you're working with so you can leverage these kinds of opportunities.

Interesting hack, but not exactly secure. Now your doorbell can be rung across town by anyone with a directional antenna and your "secret" SSID.

This is still a significant security improvement over the usual IoT situation, which would generally permit anybody in the world to ring your doorbell.

Serious note, cool hacking... BUT I thought we were over the dash buttons[1][2].



Not everybody does the same thing as everybody else.

that article sounds like the button would have lasted longer if he'd had fish's project. i.e. the button didn't last because his kid multi-pressed because the feedback was not fast enough.

I would rather just use my phone at this point.

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