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I think this is one of those "familiarity" and "expectation" issues that are very subjective. Rather like python's divisive significant whitespace.

I've tried to like powershell, but when I wanted "grep" I ended up having to do:

Select-String "str" -Path foo.txt | ForEach-Object { Write-Output $_.Line } | Out-File t.txt

.. because it has broken defaults such as truncating output to terminal width even when written to a file.

Then there's the weirdness around enabling script execution (rather more complicated than +x) and the remote execution system is much stranger than ssh.

My first brushes with PowerShell were deeply frustrating, because I kept trying to write things the way that I expected them to work (from Bash). After a while I gave in and sat through a tutorial, and found that once I did things the way PowerShell wanted, I found it enjoyable to work with. That's just my personal experience.

FWIW, the script execution thing was dropped for the latest versions of Windows, and PowerShell Core (thankfully). I agree that the remoting is not much fun - SSH for Windows is currently due in October, so I presume that PowerShell will get SSH support around then.

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