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Hopefully this works http://man.he.net/?topic=pg&section=all

The page source is as simple as it could have been in 1996 :-)

The original link has a broken table layout with some unbalanced </table> and </tr>. Maybe that breaks rendering on your browsers, but why not on my Firefox?

For me, not only the page is completely empty, but also the page-source, so I don't think that it's a rendering problem and rather the server sending a 0-long HTML-file or something like that.

It also finishes loading rather quickly, so it would only make sense that it's not even downloading anything.

And neither Firefox, nor Lightning Browser (WebView-based), nor CyanogenMod's Gello Browser (Chromium-based) show any form of error and just happily render a completely empty page.

Also, I do get the favicon displayed, so at least some form of connection to the server seems to be possible.

Edit: Just had another idea. It works for me when I tell Firefox to request the desktop site. So, maybe the server just gets confused by a mobile useragent-string...?

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