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Err. Bash scripting is awful. Trying to figure out what chain of commands you need to pull out that one particular piece of data from the output of that command... I've seen a dozen lines to manage it in some cases before, or calling out to a script in Awk or Perl. And then it won't work when you update your system because somebody decided to update a command's output format just slightly.

Powershell is an object-oriented scripting language along the lines of something like Python, just with different syntax and more of a focus on managing services. It also has reasonable syntax for applying one command to the result of another - the pipe operator. And it's reasonable to use it in day-to-day usage as a command line.

I've written a Powershell script to change an Exchange server setting we needed to change ever so often, faster than I could ever write a bash script to do the same. Under Linux, I'd likely have given up trying to use bash to edit a config, and just started writing an m4 file which generates the config as part of a cron job.

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