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It'll get moderated out.

For this article specifically, it shouldn't be on wiki. The quality still needs a lot of polish, and too much opinions.

This is a decent summary of why I'm doing it. Wikipedia is full of "high quality" content, where "high quality" means "directly exposing every detail that anyone ever thought to nitpick", and this topic is a nitpicker's paradise. There's value in that detail-heavy style, but it's difficult to learn from and it's a type of writing that I rarely want to read. As for opinions (and lack thereof), they prevent Wikipedia from saying many things that are both well-known and easily stated. The lack of clear summaries of widespread disagreeing opinions keeps our implicit knowledge implicit.

I agree with your reasoning and your description of Wikipedia.

However, despite all the flaws, wiki is reasonably helpful, and I doubt filling it with more opinions would be helping the case.

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