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"Contrary to popular belief credit card companies will handle all sorts of not-quite-right data :)"

Actually I thought they would not handle any data if it's not exactly right. I think of myself more web savvy than most dudes out there, running linux and surfing with opera. Still I thought that if I put wrong zip code to the form, I would lose money. Stupid me. I'm from Finland, guess how much I have bought stuff from websites that require me to put zipcode in the billing form.

"probably have bigger problems to solve than a Polish guy having to pick a state at random"

That polish guy might be the polish guy that markets your product to ten french, one british and two australian guys, and then chain reaction! And the one thing keeping him from doing this is the billing form of your otherwise brilliant product.

What I'm telling you is that if you want money, at-least tell people: "pretend you're from Virginia if you're not from U.S." in the billing form. Writing that takes considerably less time than two hours.

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