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No offense was taken in the reading and writing of these two articles. Just trying (and apparently failing) to humorously point out that if most of my users are based in the US, then I probably have bigger problems to solve than a Polish guy having to pick a state at random.

The way to think of it is like so:

Most of your users are based in the US because those not in the US can't get in to use your service. =)

It's not that they can't, it's that there's a little more friction for them to.

(Speaking of my websites, we've actually done the i18n necessary to make it usable from anywhere, but only after we knew we had that international demand.)

Oh, I'm not talking about your websites. =) I'm just referring to the problem in general.

The first moment the craziness of i18n that I experienced was almost 10 years ago, building software for Koreans (I think, not sure, was a long time ago) and after the UI team demoed the product, one of the partners who was pushing this for the Asian market remarked they had to remove the red. Apparently, red is a taboo color or something over in that region.

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