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> The Instapaper team will be moving from betaworks in New York City to Pinterest’s headquarters in San Francisco

I wonder how the instapaper team feels about that (and/or how much say they had in it).

The "must be willing to relocate to San Francisco" meme now even applies to companies with no presence in San Francisco.


LinkedIn now needs a pre-canned "No thanks, I'm not interested in moving to Silicon Valley" response.

The team was open to moving to SF as part of the acquisition. Also, there are only three of us so it wasn't as if many people were uprooted.

Are people who choose to not participate in the move denied unemployment?

Because that would really suck if you're loyal to where you live. Company has a "successful" exit, but you effectively get let go and denied unemployment.

According to the CEO of Instapaper on Twitter today there are only 3 people.

> Pinboard ‏@Pinboard: I love the assumption that a small-scale bookmarking business has to lose money. Maybe don’t employ 32 people in a NYC office?

> Brian Donohue ‏@bthdonohue: @Pinboard there were three of us, Maciej. We weren't losing money.


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