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Well I am by no means a great computer programmer or anything so I can certain accept other people saying node is crap but as someone who has used node my reasoning was simple: if you are going to use javascript in the browser and pretty much everything about the "app" depends on what happens in the browser then why use some other language on the server for models and controllers with javascript in the views? Why not just make it javascript all the way down?

Sure, smarter people than me might know why I shouldn't use javascript for everything but for me I do not find it useful to try to figure out how to do so much work in Rails or Django AND THEN ALSO end up using javascript in the views every time anyway. I would rather skip using Rails or Django and just get to the fun part of figuring out what happens next when this button is clicked on the website. I don't think I am alone in that. Rails and Django were a means to an end but they set the bar too high in terms of "programming" and require a lot of programming knowledge that I don't actually need to know to do what I want to do now with node. Sure, my code might suck but unless you are working in some super professional environment with highly skilled managers, pretty much everyone's code sucks. It's about getting the functionality you want with the least amount of effort. Node makes that possible.

You do everything you can to use something other than JavaScript in the browser.

The list of good languages that targets the browser is long, the last of bad languages better than javascript that targets the browser is even longer.

I personally used WebSharper and it's excellent. All these sophisticated frameworks (thinking Angular foremost) have nothing on WebSharper.

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