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> Firing people hurts morale. Hiring people who suck hurts morale.

Then what's to be done? Unless you've figured out how to hire only good people?

> Making people who suck, suck in public on a daily basis hurts morale.

Really? I feel a lot more resentful if someone's doing a terrible job and no-one seems to notice.

> Know what you want before you assign it to me. I'll get it done.

So you can estimate perfectly? Or when it becomes cleare something is going to take twice as long as originally thought, you have all the knowledge of the business to decide what action to take?

You can usually tell when people suck by the end of 30 days, through simple conversation, and not formal rituals. Certainly by 90 days. Unless, of course, you're the one that sucks.

When you find good people, certainly don't bog them down with the albatross of making them do the things that terrible people waste time on.

If you know terrible people are wasting time (and you will) and you know it's not fun to watch, why make a public display of it?

Management can suck as much as subordinates. Terrible people cut across all levels of employment. They are a fact of life. Rituals don't improve anything.

Know what you want. Your estimates will be destroyed if you don't. If you have to estimate, then you don't know what you're getting into. You are experimenting. Nothing will be precise.

Don't burden me with your stupid, pointless rituals, if you're going on adventures into uncharted territory. You're wasting time with rituals.

If you care about time, don't estimate. If you have to estimate, then stop caring about time.

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