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360 performance reviews suffer a similar problem in that the savvy folks will all give each other positive feedback. In fact this is the ultimate solution to the prisoners dilemma. Management is looking to divide and conquer which in the long run will hurt even the best performers. Because even the best are human and occasionally have performance issues outside of their control. Not to mention the inequality in work assignments with respect to high value business goals.

And engineers with Libertarian slants happily go along with it while their masters laugh.

Laugh what? It doesn't seem efficient.

But only shareholders care about aggregate efficiency. Managers do too, of course, in the abstract, but not nearly as much as they do about their own careers. You don't even need to be a bad actor for this to be true.

They cannot wait to replace everyone with robots or algorithms.

Funny thing is, then they will have nobody but themselves to blame for failure. Cannot even blame the source of the robot or algorithm - you picked it.

Meh.. You're too optimistic. They'll have a contract company incharge for the robot or algorithm, with contract terms covering for failures and downsides resulting from it. They'll only be responsible for choosing the company and contract terms (or may be good lawyer).

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