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TXR: An Original, New Programming Language for Convenient Data Munging (nongnu.org)
4 points by qwertyuiop924 on Aug 22, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

TXR contains an original Lisp implementation (TXR Lisp), which can be used on its own for tasks that don't require the TXR pattern-based extraction language. Files with a .tl suffix are processed by the txr executable as TXR Lisp.

There is an interactive Lisp REPL (just run txr with no arguments, or txr -i to suppress the banner message). It has history, completion, multi-line editing with cut and paste and all those goodies. You can interrupt long computations with Ctrl-C, which actually works by turning a signal into an exception caught by the REPL.

TXR is ported to Windows; you can download a nicely wrapped installer version, your choice of 32 or 64 bit.


The REPL works nicely on Windows, in its own console window or right out of cmd.exe.

TXR has a built-in mechanism for wrapping up TXR code as an executable application (which is geared toward Windows, but works on other platforms):


On Windows, use the txr-win.exe flavor of the binary to avoid opening a console window.

TXR example combining OOP with delimited continuations to implement "synchronous concurrency":


There is more to TXR than "unusual notation for matching documents and extracting data". The @ character occurs only once in this example. :)

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