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Can you crack puzzles devised by the brilliant cryptological minds at the NSA? Find out by logging in to our totally legit, completely innocuous, not in any way a honeypot that collects extensive info on you, puzzle site!

GCHQ has been known to do this for recruiting purposes.[1]

[1] https://web.archive.org/web/20130912120456/https://canyoufin...

The german BND too:


German video resolving the first of three challenges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZH094d0M6A

I get NSA jokes, but did you actually go to the link? Seems like a decent periodical.

> Can you crack puzzles devised by the brilliant cryptological minds at the NSA?

almost obligatory snark:

is this the same NSA which allowed/enabled one Edward Snowden to walk out with a gigantic treasure trove of super ultra mega top secret documents, vital to national security, on a USB thumb drive (or whatever it was)?

sincere question

because this point is among the many data points I now have in my mind, as a US citizen and adult voter, when I get to decide exactly how much power I'd like those "smart" folks to have, as they build/run a global 24x7 passive data snoop system on, effectively, all of humanity.

equations may be elegant, perfect, ideal

executable software: less so

human procedures & rules & everyday happenstance & one-off oopsies: far less

That site doesn't get any more information than any other site. No login is required.

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