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Algorithm Visualizer – Knight's tour problem (jasonpark.me)
121 points by avinassh on Aug 20, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Poetic Summarizer:

If you are more inclined to Sanskrit :-)

verse 1: each syllable is placed on a square in sequence. verse 2: each syllable provides the answer to the knight's tour.

929. sThirAgasAm sadhArADhyA vihathAkathathAmathA sathpAdhukE! sarAsA mA rangarAjapadham naya

930. sThithA samayarAjathpA gatharA mAdhakE gavi dhuranhasAm samnathAdhA sAdhyAthApakarAsarA

see: http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/ebooks/vdesikan/rps/knight.h...

This is neat.

There is something similar if you are more inclined towards python:


>To edit, run, save, and share algorithm visualitions at PyAlgoViz, we need to know who you are. [Sign in with Google]

Looks really cool, but no thanks :/

That's definitely turn off I agree, it says that the reason is if you need want to edit or upload. I agree though that for read-only you shouldn't need to auth. There TOS is are fine though if you read it. Also the person behind this a Google employee so i don't think theres necessarily anything nefarious going on. This is the OSCON talk he gave on the project a while back:


Why does running the simulation with N>6 cause a stack overflow? In this naive implementation, the deepest the recursion stack can be is N^2 cells, which for (e.g.) 7 is only 49 cells deep. That shouldn't be enough to cause a stack overflow, even in a js interpreter like this.

Knights tour was one of the earliest Java programs we wrote at the university. Fun times, even found an old jar with some cool Swing visuals: http://i.imgur.com/6Q5ODT2.mp4

Doesn't visualizing algorithms actually get in the way, when what you actually need to do is reason about them abstractly?

If you need to reason about something abstractly, visualizing it is an excellent first step because it helps build intuition for what's going on.

Your brain has billions of neurons dedicated to making sense of visual data. It's good to use them.

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