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Ask HN: HN for China?
3 points by questionsforhn on Aug 17, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hi, wondering where Chinese tech people hang out online. There's gotta be a place similar to HN where they share projects and ask questions. Do any of you know?

I ask because I study Chinese in school and will be living in the mainland for most of next year. Would love to get a sense of the people and development happening there before I go.

For Chinese tech news, you can get on Wechat and subscribe to 36kr 36氪. Or simply visit http://36kr.com/ . It is one of the biggest site for tech news, and they regularly translate popular articles from techcrunch or medium.

One source I've started reading daily is TechNode http://technode.com/. No community there, but a few interesting articles, in the hyped-up TechCrunch vein of startup journalism ;)

Reddit, maybe? :)

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