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>This is also my theory on why "time flys by when you get older". We lack original experiences and so one day melds into the next. When each day is an adventure then of course it seems long.

See, that's just why you have to put effort into making sure you experience new and original things in life over time. If you make yourself do stuff, you can look back on even weekends and think, "Wow, a whole lot of time passed then!"

In fact, let's see...

* Friday night, went out to a new pub with fiancee. Great dinner and beer.

* Saturday, particularly the afternoon: did some last-minute costume shopping with visiting friends, watched Futurama together in the evening, a proper New England thunderstorm finally hit our area for the first time in the summer.

* Sunday: went swimming at the pool in the gym for the first time, fiancee was sad in the evening.

* Yesterday: worked all day, got a kick to more responsibility dumped on me, went home and got incredibly frustrated with my side-project's precision numbers going down rather than up. Eventually derped around on internet for the evening, realized I was measuring the precision of the whole joint distribution rather than of single observables.

* Today: talked to Chabadnik friend from grad-school, tested out measuring the precision of single features, at work now. Going to go swimming again tonight for exercise.

Do stuff!

Agreed. I've moved continents and I'm learning a new language, having had two kids (well my wife had them).

I agree: do things. Let's see how you get on with a family :-)

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