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You seem now to be talking about something different than me. I'm referring to your notion that "better, sterner discipline" will help. It won't.

That approach quickly plateaus. Then more discipline harms improvement because people just start covering up mistakes to avoid punishment. In addition to being covered in the book on air safety I already mentioned, your "beatings will continue" theory is basically why Detroit spent decades trying and failing to make cars as reliable as Toyota's. This was true even when Toyota went to great lengths to teach GM how to do it.

That experience was covered engagingly in This American Life's episode NUMMI:


Yes you do seem to be having a different conversation. We were discussing firearm safety. There is a right way, and that way is well understood. States which encourage cavalier firearm handling in their soldiery (I don't propose firing this soldier, but certainly let's fire whoever trained him) are explicitly valuing some other goals over the lives and health of residents.

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