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Ask HN: Has anyone been to Skill Distillery?
1 point by torgian on Aug 16, 2016 | hide | past | favorite
I'm looking at a couple possibilities: pick up an English teaching job either here in Taiwan or China, while continuing to teach myself to code using resources like freecodecamp, or:

Attend skill distillery for their four month Java program.

I want to know if anyone here has attended and their thoughts on the program. The reason I'm picking them over others is because it is one of two boot camps that can accept the GI Bill. I'd still have to pay some of the tuition since I only have three months left on the GIbill, but still, it would be a nice jump start.

Background: ive been learning to code for the past year using different online resources and occasional pair programming with a friend who now lives in Japan. Ive at the advanced algorithm stage on freecodecamp's JavaScript track.

I've made a couple of websites for local businesses here in Taiwan ( www.shbox.com.tw www.sushiworld.com.tw ) as well as attempted to work on a management software program for English schools with a guy from Taipei(that fell through for other reasons).

Mathematically I'm shitty XD I'm 33 so it's been a long time since I touched math. I want to improve that.

Right now I'm studying Chinese at Taiwan, though I finish in September so I need to make a decision on either teaching and programming n the side, or go to a boot camp.

End goal: I want to work here in East Asia, using my language skills to help build software and craft solutions for people. I also enjoy making websites. I feel like I can go either way, just stuck on which direction I should go XD

So, any thoughts on Skill Distillery? Thank you for your help!

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