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We auction best files to highest bidder. Auction files better than stuxnet.

The lack of definite articles and linking verbs is particularly suggestive of a Slavic background. Here's another telling signature:

We follow Equation Group traffic. We find Equation Group source range. We hack Equation Group.

So instead of using the standard "linking verb + gerund" construction that modern English provides to indicate continual (or background) activity they're using the simple present tenses of these verbs the way Slavic languages do, via the imperfective forms of these verbs.

And also:

If you want reverse, write many words, make big name for self, get many customers, you send bitcoin.

You bid against Equation Group, win and find out or bid pump price up, piss them off, everyone wins.

You like reward, you take risk, maybe win, maybe not, no guarantees.

The use of commas to link independent clauses (instead of coordinating conjunctions, like English) also happens to be very characteristic of Russian.

I speak a few languages including Russian, and am inclined to think that level of brokenness sounds almost deliberate. Yes it does sound Slavic, but over the top. It is almost how South Park would make a Russian-sounding character.

Also I am guessing in a group of computer literate people, from Eastern Europe, they couldn't find one person with a better handle on English grammar and phraseology.

There are a few phrases which suggest perfectly fluent english, such as "can do with files as they please".

If anything stands out from the writing to me it's that it sounds like a scam.

That's the thing with partial fluency -- and really now, their English is quite good (much better than our proficiency in their native languages) -- that it will be peppered with many idiomatic phrases ("can do with X as they please") while other parts remain comically broken. Like, you know, Google Translate.

BTW, it should be "the files".

It reads like Ivan "Rifle is Fine" Chesnokov without the caps lock.

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