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Ask HN: Good tech blogs to read
79 points by dhruvrrp on Aug 14, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments
I recently started reading again and I was looking for some good tech blogs to read. I tried Mashable/Gizmodo/zdnet but their junk to good read ratio is really high. I'm looking for something more like the old new thing [1], but I've come to really enjoy.

[1]: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/

You added joelonsoftware twice, if I were you I would add it one more time, just to show how important it is....

sorry i copied and pasted those from a text file. It was a mistake.

Those are all great! One thing I've never understood is the ironic shitty web design of these blogs. I understand some of these websites are as they were way back when it was started, I can see the nostalgia effect there. Can someone add to the reasons?

The man, the myth, the legend Steve Yegge's blog(s) are worth reading if you haven't yet:



Armin Ronacher's blog is also excellent:


For the Schemer, or the compiler hacker, Andy Wingo's blog is fantastic


For insights into debugging, kernels, and debugging kernels, Bredan Gregg's blog is fantastic.


Finally, I wish to list a non-blog: and unblog, or perhaps the remnants of a blog once passed. This is an archive of John Carmack's .plan between 1996, and about 2005.


It is still a fascinating read.

It surprises me that no one has suggested Patrick McKenzie's (patio11 here on HN) blog.

So much value there.


For that matter, there is a lot of great stuff in just reading his comments on the threads here on HN.

Kilimchoi's link is a great repository! If you want some more good blogs and you tube channels to follow, take a look at my collection here..


It would help to clarify what you mean by "tech blog". "Tech" encompasses a lot, and most blogs (aggregators aside) are single-issue or few-issue because most people are knowledgeable about only a few things. What specifically are you looking for?

I've never seen a Julia Evans post that wasn't super informative. http://jvns.ca/

I'm a pretty big fan of Scott Hanselman!


I don't know any blog quite like Raymond's, but the more technical ones I like are:

Jan-Piet Mens (mostly protocols and IoT) - http://jpmens.net/

Absorptions (Oona Räisänen's excellent hacking around signals of all kinds) - http://www.windytan.com/

It's a community blog, news for nerds, stuff that matters :).

http://slashdot.org http://techdirt.com - for techno legal matters. http://techmmeme.com - aggregator of blogs & news sits.

Jeremy Kun's blog is exceptional

The Procedural World blog — about the development of a complex procedural-generation-centric engine and development tool — is quite a read: http://procworld.blogspot.com

Jeff Atwoods codinghorror.com is good. Rarely updated though.

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