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I submitted this as its own post, but it didn't get much traction, so I'll link it here as well.


This paper argues that the 2016 primaries were hacked based on the fact that (among other arguements):

There was consistent discrepencies between paper and machine voting results, favoring Clinton and against Trump.

Clinton and Trump support was corralated with precinct size

Demographics are not sufficent to explain the above observations.

I have not verified the accuracy of this analysis, or found other commentary on it.

> I have not verified the accuracy of this analysis

It's not so much that it's inaccurate as that it's not really anything but an op-ed with some basic data.

The general form of it is thus: "here is some data. I'm saying it means X, which could be explained in Y way or tampering but I won't say it can be explained other ways. Here's a very handwaving explanation of why Y doesn't fit, so I therefore conclude that it must be tampering... I will now devote lots of pages to conspiracy theories about who and why this tampering was done - assuming that I am correct and there is no other explanation."

It's a reddit post writ-large, basically.

Skimmed through it. Just because its a PDF, and happens to be someone's 'paper' Does not make it a good source. I don't believe this was peer reviewed...

If someone hacked the voting machines, I would expect them to only find vulnerabilities in some of the machines, not all of them. Thus if the paper finds a discrepancy that isn't related to the type of machine, I would expect it is some other kind of cheating (or just an anomaly).

You don't need to hack voting machines. If you control the body that allocates them in your area you send more of them to areas favourable to your desired outcome. So in other areas the lines get too long and some people don't get to vote. That alone will swing things a few percent.

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