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The "email server in a box" is called a Mac Mini with the Server package.

It's such an easy-to-use email system. Been working great on a home static-IP address for me for a couple years now.

Maybe when (if?) Apple releases a new one. Right now the hardware on the Mac Mini is so pathetically underpowered for the price, and Apple has shown such blatant disdain for both the Mini and the Pro that it almost feels like they don't want customers for those product lines.

How on Earth MacMini with 8GB of RAM and i7 CPU is underpowered for the use? It is underpowered in only one way - energy consumption is so low that there are even server farms built on MacMinis, and colocation services targeting this brave little server.

Not for the use, for the price.

You get a custom operating system that literally no one else offers. It is a bit hard to put a price on that, but to me, it's absolutely worth the money they ask for the mini. I would even risk saying it's very cheap for what it offers.

Like the others noted here - it is well worth the price, since it saves a lot of time for admin, is easy to use and provides extra value for money.

You pay extra for Macs so you don't have to spend as much time to set it up.

Your time is valuable, right?

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