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There is something you can do to install that : https://mailinabox.email/

I've been using it for a year. Works great. One of the most thoughtfully designed and complete bits of software I've ever run into.

I'm especially delighted with it's self monitoring and the status change email messages it sends me.

That it includes webmail and gives me a nicely featured DNS server only makes it a touch more awesome.

I run it at Digital Ocean for ten bucks a month. I support family and friends. My email does not pass through google or microsoft servers and that makes me very happy.

DigitalOcean is just as susceptible to surveillance as Google or Microsoft.

If you aren't sending encrypted email, it makes no difference where your email is hosted.

I don't think the point is to avoid surveillance (although self-hosting may make it slightly more inconvenient to snoop). The point is to own your own data, not depend on Microsoft/Google's benevolence.

That attempt at the problem looks pretty nice. Thanks for sharing it.

Mail in a box works great... replaced my old sendmail setup - using an external DNS is a bit funky, but a great package.. support multiple domains easily, pop3/imap and web client. Recommend.

It prefers to use its own DNS server because email DNS is tough. However, it provides the information to do it. While it probably took me a couple of hours to figure it out, I now have a DNS template at my registrar that makes it nearly automatic. That said, where I don't need the performance of a hosted DNS system, I let mailinabox take care of it.

a recommendation for mailinabox, I've been using it for about 6 months, very nice

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