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It's hilarious, I tried and failed to build an Android project that I'm pretty sure still built just fine 6 months ago. So much useless churn.

Then they announced the new CMake support and it's basically a CMake toolchain file they copied from an older OpenCV initiative and didn't notice it no longer worked with the new NDK, or anything other than GCC, which they have deprecated. It's insanity.

Yeah and apparently ndk-build support on the stable plugin is only meant for backwards compatibility purposes, but you don't see it described as such anywhere, only a few hints on commit messages.

I had to dig out how it all works with the new cmake plugin from their samples, because the new stable plugin still doesn't manage ndk-build properly.

Also there are quite a few features, like OpenMP, that the clang NDK doesn't support, yet GCC is already deprecated.

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