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I left Seattle in 2009 and spent about two years in Brazil, two years in Thailand, then eventually ended up in Belize for somewhat random reasons and have stayed here for 4 years (if you are doing the arithmetic, there were a few long trips back to the states in between). It was very lonely for the first few months in Brazil, but fortunately I had an acquaintance there that made some introductions for me, and I still have a few great friends that I keep in touch with on skype. The entire time I was in Thailand was extremely isolating, and I had a really hard time getting work done for my US clients given the time difference. It was a very challenging time personally and socially, but definitely a formative experience that I wouldn't give up. By the time I left Thailand all I really wanted was a place to settle down. Belize has been great; lots of expats in the 20-40 age range, no language barrier, beautiful nature, close to the US (2 hour flight to Houston, ~$200 on southwest airlines). I ended up meeting my girlfriend here, who is from Houston and owns a hostel here. To be honest, if I had to move back to the states, I wouldn't be too upset about it. Lately I've really been wanting access to a maker space, networking with other technologists and tinkerers, and easy access to electronics, which are extremely expensive here because of import duties. In the end, it really comes down to "wherever you go, there you are." It's wonderful to broaden your horizons, but you won't leave your bad habits or mood disorders at home. And wherever you are, your experience will differ greatly based on the company you keep. I was miserably lonely the whole time I was traveling, and I've only really been happy since I met my girlfriend and we got an apartment together. I don't know if there's a point to the story, but that's life I guess. :)

I think there are only really two ways to be happy in this lifestyle unless you are one of those people that really doesn't need any social interaction: have a travel partner, or have a home base that you spend 6 months or so out of the year in.

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