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I'm planning on working remote from Jakarta for a year after working in for Boston about 7 months (which has been… meh).

A lot cheaper, a lot nicer (plus more space) apt/amenities at my doorstep (pool/gym/tennis courts/malls & stores if I feel consumerist) and cheaper travel in asia for my visa runs every 30 days if I don't want to bother for a longer visa. My gf and her fam are pretty cool, so I kinda have "home" life. Traffic is shit, but gojek and uber make it not matter much. I feel like I'm getting more for less compared to in Boston. Though use of decriminalized substances in Boston wont result in penalties like death, I think its a fair tradeoff.

This works for me more than trying to travel so much which just sounds tiring both mentally and physically.

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