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I travelled for 7 years doing iOS Apps. We would spend the visa limit amount of time in a country before moving to the next one, minimizing our travel days and maximizing our work days.

It was wonderful in a lot of ways, but there were a couple problems:

-- We still spent too much time getting acclimated and set up in the new place to work. For instance, we stayed in AirBnB places almost the whole time, but we kept having to buy office chairs because most chairs in rental places are not conducive to sitting for 8 hours a day.

-- It cost too much. It's hard to "go native" quickly and optimize your food and other expenses, so we would be spending more than we needed to even in poor countries eating like Americans either because we didn't know what a lot of the food was or we ate out too much. We were not earning enough from our apps business to cover our expenses.

-- Visas are a hassle, and border agents don't understand the concept of "I'm going to spend 90 days in your country and I haven't planned out all 90 of them, in fact, I haven't planned out any of them." Almost got refused entry to England when I wasn't able to name a lot of specific tourist things we planned to do. "We're gonna go to Bath and hang out, basically". Got chastised as if it was somehow rude for me to answer the question honestly. (Personally I think it was low class low income tinpot dictator with a beef taking it out on me for being able to live like this when she was stuck in her stupid job.)

There's a lot to recommend it, but it involves a nontrivial cost and effort.

One mistake we made: we would often spend the time with ourselves. It wasn't until we were in one country a couple years (got year long visas there) that we started mingling with the local groups where locals and foreigners would meet regularly (to practice language skills). That was a mistake- had a lot more fun once we started doing that.)

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