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Disclaimer: I'm an iOS user so I'm no Android fan boy.

The largest suit that has been brought against them for Android has just been settled: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/05/google-wins-trial...

While the product might not even be that good, it has clear dominance of the mobile smartphone market in every country other than the US. In the US it's 43.1% market share (which is very strong).

There's no doubt that Google has managed to win this very important market.

The copyright infringement lawsuit isn't what I'm speaking about. They're under investigation for antitrust by a large number of government entities across the globe. Russia just ruled against them. The EU case is proceeding. I believe there are antitrust investigations in India, South Korea, and Brazil. Rumor has it they're back under investigation by the FTC as well, though the FTC tends not to announce such things.

i don't think you read the comment you're replying to...

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