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They cannot split out Android or Youtube from Google for regulatory reasons (but not only), specially in Europe. The thing is, both Android and Youtube rely on its ads business and users need to accept the privacy policy of sharing their search history accros all platforms so that google can optimize ads for them. Splitting Android, Youtube and Google Search into different companies would make it very hard for Google to share user data between the 3. Also, it makes sense to keep them together given that they are still highly integrated, Android has great Youtube integration and Google Search integrates Youtube videos directly in results and of course Google Search is at the center of Android (Google Now etc). It would be more troubles than necessary to split them all.

> Android has great Youtube integration

Can you give some examples? I'm mostly interested in what Android has compared to iOS?

As far as regulations / laws go it would not surprise me if that makes it impossible but as far as technically? I don't buy it. I'm not sure what their current infrastructure looks like but it was conveyed to me that each group basically "consumes" the others through various types of APIs.

It would be interesting if they explored it at least. In my opinion anyway.

Their may be some APIs involved but they also use the backend directly when convenient for example Google Search may fetch directly from the google cloud to fetch youtube videos as that's faster than doing http requests. Also, I think they have one gigantic repository where all the code is shared, splitting this repo would be more trouble than necessary.

Fair points

Since they merged their services a few years back, I've noticed that lots of (my and others I know) requests for login appear to go through youtube. This is presumably because it had the largest number of logged-in users historically.

So yeah, that would be difficult to split out.

> Google Search integrates Youtube videos directly in results

It also integrates results from Dailymotion and others. YouTube would probably be the easiest property to spin out if it wasn't for the interest tracking data sharing.

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