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Clive Robinson on Schneier's blog came up with a thorough notion years ago: energy leaks plus "energy gapping" systems. He said if any form of energy or matter could transfer from one system toward anothet device then it should be considered a potential leak. So, you have to physically isolate them then block the whole spectrum practically.

Each new story supports his model. Energy gapping for the win.

Yeah, you could probably modulate some CPU load and emit noise from the capacitors that are sitting on the power stage of the CPU.

Scary stuff...

In other words, it's roughly as hard as keeping a quantum qbit from decohering, and for the same reason.

Not so trivial, then.

Haha. I won't go that far. You just shield from as many forms of sounds, light, EM, etc as you can. Alternatively, build memory and info-flow security into your hardware, do POLA at device level, and use TEMPEST-style hardware. Also, as in EMSEC tents or safes, one can separate security levels into their own shielded cages/racks. Already products for that although not sure if energy gapping is thorough enough.

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