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- David Marr: "Vision"

The foundations of computational neroscience - and lots of practial demonstrations of how your eyes and brain work.

- Daniel Dennett "Consciousness Explained"

How the mind works?

- J.E Gordon: "The new Science of Strog Materials" & " Structures, or why things don't fall down."

How is 'stuff' strong/hard?

- Steve Grand: "Creation" & "Growing up with Lucy"

The programmer behind the game 'Creatures' and his adventures in artificial life.

- Joseph Campbell: "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"

Never look at Star Wars in the same way again.

- David Deutch: "The Fabric of Reality"

Many worlds or mad as a box of frogs?

- Richard Leakey & Roger Lewin: "The Sixth Extinction"

We're doomed - maybe

- Braitenberg: "Vehicles"

Emergent behaviour from simple rules

- Ian Wilmut, Keith Cambell & Colin Tudge: "The Second Creation"

How Dolly the Sheep was made. Takes you through the background such that you can read & understand their paper which appears at the end.

- John Brunner: "The Shockwaver Rider"

Snowcrash - hah! - 1975 and this dude got it already.

Other general authors:

Martin Gardner, Greg Egan (lots of free stuff on his site).

Snow Crash was published in 1992, not in 1975. Still, this dude got it already.

Edit: Sorry, it's probably just a formatting problem and you were referring to The Shockwave Rider.

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