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O3 World | Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Philadelphia, PA | Full Stack & Front End Developers | ONSITE

We’re developing products for financial services, SaaS and ecommerce clients.

Our projects include:

- Goal Investor ( https://www.goalinvestor.com/ ) Financial goal planning: Angular app backed Laravel APIs - Cause Engine ( https://www.causeengine.com/ ) Marketplace connecting nonprofits with freelance professionals: Laravel App, relies on the Braintree Marketplace API

O3 Labs: Most of the time we’re heads down on client work, but we set aside time to experiment with emerging tech and have a little fun. Some of those projects include:

- Theme Music ( http://o3world.com/work/labs/o3-theme-music/ ): iOS and Android App that relies on iBeacons and a custom music playing server - Project Mercury (aka O3 Poops) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPDzwPaK2vI ): OS X Menubar app that relies on Raspberry Pis to let everyone know when the bathrooms are available:

Our stack includes: Laravel & Node, Angular & React, Sass

Our Interview Process: phone call, take home exercise, half day of onsite interviews

More details & to apply: http://o3world.com/careers/

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