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This is really clever. It would be incredible if this took off and became a standard way to represent addresses.

Thanks king_magic, at least is a start, and because is Opensource it can evolve with the needs of the people.

It's really a great idea. It's something I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. My (admittedly potentially naive view) is that it has the potential to simplify many things in the mapping/shipping world - it's so specific. No messy address ambiguity.

I also love the idea of an embeddable "Xaddress badge" (e.g. this image: http://bit.ly/2biI3YY) - unless of course I misunderstood what that is.

Maybe you could work the "legacy" address into that badge as well? Just thinking it would be useful for mentally placing an address - e.g., if you give me a raw GPS address, I have no idea where that is - but if you tell me it's somewhere on 5th avenue in manhattan, I know roughly where that is.

Greate idea!, Xaddress generate a short code, you can use all of them if you want to. https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/3354868/17262858/...

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