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So a blind person would never be able to understand the different categories of color (other than that they are placeholders for distinct categories of something).

Now we are just speculating. We believe a computer might be able to understand things for which it doesn't have the sense - but that is speculation and totally untested, and certainly can no longer be justified by using human minds as an example.

A blind person could pretend to be sighted though. There have been blind authors who wrote about sighted characters, for instance. They need not experience the thing themselves. Just learn from experience how sighted people behave and describe things, and mimic that.

Can you provide any examples of blind (from birth) authors giving convincing visual descriptions from the points of view of sighted characters?

That seems hard to believe.

You can explain red by saying it's a "warm" color for example. Metaphors work, analogies, senstion from one sense can be explained using sensations from another. Now you need to have at least one sense, which machines clearly don't.

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