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Exactly. The computer will fail such a test where such tests can only be passed if and only if the agent under test experiences subjective states. Since humans can always craft this class of tests, and the computer cannot pass it, it will always fail the "Turing Test".

What test could possibly test for subjective states? You can ask the computer how it feels, and it can just lie, or predict what a human would say if asked the same question. There's no way to know what the computer actually feels, and it doesn't really matter for this purpose.

The easy answer is this: these tests exist. Since no computer put to the turing test has passed, simply look up the test and observe how humans have induced the computer to fail.

In practice, a good class of tests to use is a test that must evoke an emotional response to produce a sensical answer. An example is art interpretation. Questions involving allegory. Interpret a poem etc.

Important to note that whatever the challenge is, it must always be a new example - as in never been seen before. Anything that is already in the existing corpus, the computer can simply look up what is already out there. In other words, there is no one concrete thing you can use again and again repeatedly.

Example of test that would foil a computer: A personally written poem and having discussion about it.

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