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> All of the information of our world is contained in text.

That's a bit overstated. I think maybe you mean to say "all of the information you'd need to be an effective citizen of our world is contained in text"? Or something similar? I think even that is too strong a claim, but it's at least understandable.

As stated the assertion doesn't make any sense. There is more information in a glass of milk than could be stored on all of the computers on earth, and Heisenberg showed that it's impossible to even record all of the information about a single particle.

Certainly there is no textual information available about my grandfather's eyes, but that information is accessible in the world for those who'll look. You seem to be underestimating the quantity of information you absorbed as a baby, just by reacting robotically to the people and events around you and absorbing the relationships between percepts and feelings.

Well of course that's what I meant. Any information an average person knows is contained in text, somewhere. That is all common sense knowledge. Everything from detailed descriptions of trees, to the color of the sky, to the shape of the human face, etc. But also much more, like all of our scientific knowledge and written history. Billions of things the average person doesn't know.

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