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Show HN: A FUSE Filesystem on Noms (dtrace.org)
16 points by ahl on Aug 9, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

This is really cool. I like how simple it feels the datastructure is. One thing i hate about some storage..things is that they can sometimes feel like you're locking your data in. This format looks simple enough that you could write a bash script to pull your files out of the database if you really wanted.

Any idea if it's possible to duplicate/backup a noms database to an encrypted remote? Eg, if you wanted to just encrypt and duplicate the database to cloud storage, how might that work?

It would not be hard to do an encrypted remote.

We already have to support moving between different versions of the noms format, which changes all the hashes. Encryption is the same. You can look at an encrypted remote as just a different version of the format, and use the same approach.

Star this bug, and when the migrate program is landed, you could basically just fork it to support encryption:


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