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> scrambling DOM classes and ids with no discernable pattern

That's why I have been beefing up the DOM filtering code in the latest versions -- there are already sites doing this.

There is a lot of untapped potential with the new operators, I am waiting for opportunities to put them to test, and fine-tune them if needed.

Thanks for your wonderful work.

> That's why I have been beefing up the DOM filtering code

Isn't it all done through CSS selectors? Could you share more?

How about leveraging other heuristics such as HTTP headers (response cookies for starters) or timing information?

Just realized that you're the author of uBlock..

If you can't filter on classes or id's, what else? Dom element ordering? Image size properties? Structure of ad text?

Thank you for your service.

Something like react-armor can make cryptographically unpredictable class name, tree structure and tag name obfuscation. But it won't be enough if the ad itself is not written with the same toolkit.



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